"Ghana Food Movement is a divers and empowering network fighting for a Ghanaian food system that is future proof!”


Over the last couple of months a diverse group of food professionals came together to form the Ghana food Movement. This grassroots movement aims to bring people & Initiatives together who are interested in our global food system and have a passion for Ghanaian food - and making this future proof.

This diverse network of farmers, scientists, chefs, journalist, policy makers, entrepreneurs, producers etc. believes in order to face the challenges that lie ahead, we need to come together to find answers on how we can shape the future of our food system and change it for the better.

Through an online platform and offline events Ghana Food Movement brings together a strong network of movers and shakers, supports initiatives striving for a better system, celebrates Ghanaian culinary heritage and creates awareness around food in Ghana.

"The Ghana Food Movement is an amplifier. We highlight, empower and connect what is already happening in Ghana. By connecting with each other and working together we can make a change in Ghana faster and bigger!"


If you like food, if you are worried about the future of our planet, if you’re interested in the challenges and/or want to contribute to possible solutions: please join us! Changing a food system is not an easy task so we need all the amazing people we can get.


  • Start by getting to know your (food) culture and your ingredients.
  • Support & follow us on social media. This is how you can get informed, connected to kindred spirits and support your fellow movers and shakers in the Ghanaian food chain. Instagram Facebook
  • Come to our events or meetings. Want to know when? Subscribe to our mailings list here and we’ll keep you updated.
  • Want to get involved in the organization (of our events)? Share your knowledge and network with us or contribute in any other way? Ask for our help? Send us an email

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Ghana Food Movement
Initiators: Elijah Addoh (chef & social entrepreneur) | Selassie Atadika (chefs & storyteller) | Lotte Wouters (culinary entrepreneur and connector)| Fatmata Binta (chef & Fulani ambassador) | Philip Amoah (agronomist & biodiversity expert) | John Ocran (chef & philosopher) | Bram Wits (policymaker & counselor) | Emmanuel Etim (film maker & storyteller) | Lana Captan (entrepreneur & communications)| Houssam Ghandour (marketing & entrepreneur) | Frank Arhin (consultant & Slowfood ambassador) | Kasper Buhl Anderson (researcher) | Kinora Awini (chef, content developer & entrepreneur)| Bezalel Adainoo (food & nutritional scientist)



On the eve of the 2019 Farmers day the Ghana food Movement is presenting itself and their manifesto to the public. If you like food, if you are worried about the future of our planet, if you’re interested in the challenges and/or want to contribute to possible solutions: please come and join us to share food & drinks and inspire and empower each other. Because only together we can change the world!

What:Ghana Food Movement manifesto launch

When:Thursday dec 5th, 6 pm - 9 pm @ Theia Coffee House, Airport Residential Area

Route:Google Maps for further directions: Facebook

Entrance: Bring a dish, drink or product that symbolizes your connection with the food system and serves around 4 people. (Additional drinks can be bought at the bar.)

Contact: hello@ghanafoodmovement.com

3rd October 2019 - TASTE OF GHANA - Chef’s challenge [first edition]

We invited chefs from leading hotels and catering companies in Ghana to gather for a tasting and meeting about the future of Ghanaian indigenous ingredients. The lunch is prepared by Chef Selassie Atadika showcasing some of the amazing indigenous ingredients that are often forgotten, ignored or even threatened with extinction. During the tasting we will discuss using and promoting these ingredients that make Ghana unique. Followed by a presentation of special guest Slowfood Ghana & their Ark of Taste project. We end the event by challenging all chefs to start creating a dish/dishes with the supplied indigenous ingredients in a special curated [Food Gems] box within the next 3 months. For the first edition we are putting Prekese and Dawadawa in the spotlight. Second edition will take place in January 2020 at Fiona’s Food.

What:Taste of Ghana - Chef’s challenge [in cooperation with Midunu Institute]

When:Tursday October 3rd 2019, 2:30 pm - 4:30 @ Midunu House, Tesano

Entrance: The tasting & challenge box are complimentary. Only on invitation

Contact: hello@ghanafoodmovement.com