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We live and breathe Ghana Food Movement. La Familia


*also known as La Familia

We manage.

Ghana Food Movement (GFM) is registered as a non-profit organization, as of 2021. Its two directors are Abdallah Smith and Aimée Wallin.


The management team's role is to handle the day-to-day of the organization, apply for funding, design new projects and steer the movement towards its goals. Primarily, this goal is to highlight Ghanaian ingredients and cuisines' potential to drive social, economic, and environmental sustainability. 

When it comes to bigger decisions about the direction of the movement, the members hold a vote. The outcome of the vote determines the direction the movement chooses. The management team is responsible for implementing this decision.

We always look for new talent to join our team. Send in your application and let's see if there is a fit!

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Our Co-Director, responsible for strategy and operations. Abdallah is a very good speaker and writer – it just comes naturally. He loves to ensure that everyone in the movement is "comfortable" and and happy with their respective work.


Our Co-Director, with Malian-Swedish background responsible for partner engagement. Aimée is passionate about Ghanaian ingredients and a strong promoter of Made in Ghana products.


Head Chef, overseeing all the chefs in the movement, and recruiting new talent for the movement. He was born and raised in the North of Ghana and has strong ties to the region, which shows in his culinary creations.

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Head of Communications. She runs our social media accounts, builds our websites, designs our merch, and ensures our branding throughout our company and its adjacent programs. She also finds joy in the table design of our dinners.


Program Designer + Fundraising. Pauline designs our programs such as the YFP and is responsible for getting financial support for the movement, in particular the building of THE KITCHEN.


Events Manager. Maame Adwoa is leading all our GFM Events such as Dine and Dance or Movers Connect. She is based in Takoradi and Accra. And has developed a beautiful book "Chasing Waterfalls" which depicts all the waterfalls in Ghana.


Finance Manager. Kingsley makes sure that our finances are in order. He loves to spend time in nature.


YFP Program Manager. Paul manages the Youth in Food Program, from recruiting, to concept development he does it all.


Office Management + Communication Assistant. Efua ensures that all our members are onboarded properly, that our office runs smoothly and she supports Lydia with communication tasks.

Making sure we stay the right course.



Pokuaa Adu is an economist and self-proclaimed foodie with over 10 years of experience in research and survey design, international development, non-profit project management, as well as media and digital communication. She has a Master’s in international economics and finance and her current interests lie in initiating and supporting projects focused on poverty alleviation, food security and inclusion.

Elie Fink.jpeg

Raised in Ghana, Togo and Benin, Elie pursued her higher education in Germany & Spain. Patented PhD discoveries of green pesticides showed her the potential to impact food systems through entrepreneurship. Upon returning back to Ghana for research, she couldn’t ignore this makerspace, with pioneering solutions to make our food systems equitable, resilient and self-sufficient. Talmond was born out of the idea to contribute to shaping the alternative protein, plant-based milk landscape with neglected and underutilised crops in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Raised in Ghana, West Africa to a Ghanaian mother and Liberian-Lebanese father, Jamie graduated from the University of Virginia studying International Relations. He then moved to New York as E.A to the CEO of an FMCG personal care LLC, later acquired by Unilever. In all that time, Ghana (home) was where his heart lay.


Having learned and experienced the best practices to operate a manufacturing business, and started Sankofa Snacks with a clear purpose and mission: To make and share creative and authentic snacking experiences that celebrate the rich flavors and ingredients of Africa and her global diaspora, while also championing a more equitable and sustainable food system.

Kojo Akoto.jpg

Kojo Akoto Boateng is the General Manager of WeComm Agri-Media & Consultancy Limited. He is also the Director of Partnerships, Sustainability and Communications of Newage Agric Solutions Limited. In these roles, he provides leadership for a wide range of agribusiness development projects that aim to develop new solutions for the sustainable growth of agricultural systems and food security.


He also serves as a consultant on a number of public and private sector agribusiness projects. Previously, he served as a co-host of the Citi Breakfast Show, Head of New Media, Head of Research, Special Projects Manager, Events and Promotions Executive.


Ekow is a lawyer with the firm Kulendi @ Law in Accra where he helps business and non-profit organizations alike to navigate the complex environment in Ghana.


He has studied at Furman University, Northeastern University and the University of Ghana.


He has a keen interest in the intersection of technology and food and is excited to see what the future holds for the domestication of agricultural production in Africa, but especially in Ghana.


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