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We are at a critical point in time where we must change the way we treat our planet. We believe food is a powerful tool to encourage this positive change. Change starts with consciousness. That is what the project Farm Accra, a youth-focused urban farm at the Impact Hub, aims to do: engage youth in conversations about food, farming and healthy eating.


We aim to engage youth in urban farming through organizing events that raise positive awareness on the interlinkage between food production, nutrition and environment. Our recipe: combining fun with knowledge




Everyone can become an urban farmer, no matter your space at home. During this workshop youth with different educational background learnt how to grow food at home in 5 easy steps using upcycled materials, food waste and permaculture principles. 

Want to become an urban farmer? Check our video on youtube


During the Farm to Table dinner experience we invited role models from all different walks of life. During the event we aimed to foster cross discipline and cross chain connections and collaborations between Ghana’s cultural pioneers, innovative, food actors, established food players and young Ghanaians. All while we enjoy and celebrates Ghana's food!

Check the video below 👇🏾

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