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The Ghana Food Movement (GFM) is a young and action-driven network and agency of farmers, scientists, chefs, engineers, journalists, artists, marketers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, producers and designers all highlighting the potential of Ghanaian food. GFM is a safe meeting place where we learn from each other, challenge each other and need each other to get ahead and change our future.


We value Ghana’s indigenous food culture and recognize that it needs to adapt to stay relevant. We also understand that we can only find the answers for tomorrow by having a profound understanding of the present and past. Most of all GFM is a place where food is elevated as a force for happiness and good!


It’s important to understand the challenges in Ghana’s food system as symptoms of a larger set of root causes that are associated with the current food system. The root causes are not controlled by a single stakeholder, but are problems that require people to recognize their individual role in the larger picture. Once people recognize this, as well as their need to work together as part of a larger system, it will be possible to transition towards a more inclusive and sustainable food system. In short, our idea is as simple as it is necessary in Ghana: connection!




We are full circle agency & member network. Our talented team, members and freelancers are all different (often young) stakeholders in the food, agri and cultural sector and therefore we can come up with a broad scope of innovative contemporary solutions to improve Ghana’s food system because of our experience and network in literally every corner of the food system. We have the ability to design and execute concepts and events, we do authentic communication and have a big following of young Ghanaians and international organizations and professionals. 

We are all internally motivated about the future of Ghana’s food – making it healthier and more sustainable. 

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Abdallah studied Political Science and Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science in Sweden. He is currently managing director of the Ghana Food Movement and founder at Gaia Greenfields. He is an all round sustainability advocate and writer.



Kwame is accountant but moreover owner and chef at urban lifestyle restaurant, Slurp ‘n Burp in Accra. He is also a private chef where he uses a rather poetic approach to local cuisine and dives deep into neglected and underutilized species for cooking. He is also our vice director.

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Aimee is finishing her master studies on food sovereignty. She works for the movement as program coordinator. With her young and vibrant energy, she has the power to engage young people to get interested in working in the food and agri sector. 

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Efua is a PR student. She works for the movement as office manager and communication assistant. She has a talent for words and literature.



Emmanuel is a chef, host and flamboyant spokesperson. He has a great talent for PR and promoting sustainable and local food culture in Ghana. He also loves teaching African cuisine and a big fan of learning new languages. 



Ikenna is a gourmet chef born in Nigeria and raised within the West African coast of Cameroon, Benin, Togo and Ghana. He is driven by culture and flavors of West Africa and he identifies his style as African Avant Garde Cuisine. He leads our Dine & Dance events highlighting indigenous crops of Ghana.

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Lydia is cocoapreneur. When she took over the cocoa farm from her family she founded with the mission to decolonize the cocoa industry, showing the endless possibilities this crop has. With her great eye for aesthetics and extensive communication background she lifts up all comms for the movement. 

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Rafiatu Is a self made women and chef! She loves to develop and share recipes through her restaurant and frequent tv performances that are easy, local and nutritious. But she def also has an interest in fine dining being the mastermind behind the famous fufu ravioli.

Her goal is to encourage female chefs in Ghana to get out of their comfort zones to attain higher positions in the hospitality industry. 

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Abdul is a development finance professional with a keen interest in the agriculture industry. He has a masters in development finance from the University of Ghana. And is  a very new dad of a gorgeous baby girl. He hails from Yendi but lives in Tamale. He believes that that fufu and lightsoup are the greatest invention ever. With a well rounded background in finance, the movement is in good hands.

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Abiro young chef from Tamale who graduated from Accra technical University with a A higher national diploma in Hotel catering and Institutional management. He naturally took the lead in his class. Now he is dedicated promoting food from the North of Ghana and does this in his kitchen / restaurant and on screen, very charismatic we must say!

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Is a culinary entrepreneur from Amsterdam. She has been involved in building food movements for more then a decade now and has a talent for bringing people together and get them excited for the cause! No wonder she is the founding mover of Ghana Food Movement. Currently active as head of programs, she just loves learning daily about ghana and all these food talents around her.

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Olawumi is an organic farmer and consultant with both local and international organizations. She's the co-founder of GROW West Africa, an NGO that support farmers towards sustainable agriculture and agribusiness. Olawumi also has a PGS certified organic farm in Wenchi.


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Pauline is an original from Amsterdam, and has moved to Ghana to create meaningful projects with impact in the Ghanaian food system. After finishing art school she gained over 5 years of experience in new business sales in catering.

With her passion for design, storytelling and food, she takes ideas from concept to implementation. At GFM she manages our projects and engages with our partners.

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Richard is a prestigious all round chef in Ghana that has got a lot of experience under his belt. He is passionate about researching neglected and underutilized crops from Ghana and works as a product developer for Talmond, the first tropical Almond milk brand.




Is the food branding and communication queen with a huge online presence. She is a chef, farmer, restauranteur,  founder of a film & production company and Telande school of African culinary arts and food science (SACAFS). Her goal is to fundamentally educate and change how the world engages with African food.



Joy is a German ‘Slowfoody’ and works in the cashew sector in Ghana for GIZ. She 

studied Social Sciences in Bachelors and agricultural economics for master. Joy is blessing the movement with her great organizational talent and critical eye, and leads the Food Safaris and Food Film Thought events.

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Ifeoma is a young renowned Nigerian movie producer and director and the creative and entrepreneurial mind behind

Aku Organics; herbal infusions using local ingredients. She holds her 1st degree in corporate communication and her 2nd in film and media production from The New York Film Academy in LA. 



This high energy business queen is the founder of global brand Skin Gourmet and she is a vibe! Producing and promoting natural skin care from raw, pure ingredients from Ghana. So pure that you can eat your skincare. So that’s what they do as well. Not only amazing cosmetics but even recipes with their skincare are shared with the world!




The brand is owned by Jamie Saleeby; a cultural actor and the very driven entrepreneur behind Sankofa Snacks. Their mission to bring African inspired snacks to the world stage. Using local ingredients, supporting local farmers and systems. They have a high tech factory where the produce African snacks that are sold in and outside Ghana.

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Selassie is a renowned chef and food advocate that uses dining experiences to illustrate the changes she wants in our food system. She is also the founder of Midunu, we they're  constantly looking for new and creative uses for local ingredients. They make chocolates which are infused with uni- que flavors from the African continent as a way to adding value to Ghana’s cocoa at the source.

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Emmanuel is supporting the  movement from day one. He is a digital content producer with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of video production on five continents. Based in Ghana, he produces, from proposal to delivery, for world class foundations and broadcast companies. A few of his clients are National Geographic, Vice News and World Bank.

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Terrance is a young Ghanaian chef, caterer and one of the most energetic advocates supporting Ghanaian food culture. He is passionate about building his own business and therefore currently studying International Wine Business in Germany. 



Elijah is a Ghanaian chef and social entrepreneur. He is founder and director of Food for All Africa, West Africa’s first and largest food bank in Ghana. In this role he combines all his experience in culinary skills, catering, media, project management and event organization.

Elijah has over a 10 years working experience within Ghana’s food, hospitality and tourism sector.

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Yiri is an energetic self taught chef from Côte d'Ivoire, which influences the dishes she brings to the table. She has a great talent for anything baking. She works with kids in the Jamestown community , where she bakes with kids. Within the movement she is responsible for the Chefs Manifesto project. 


Everyone can join!

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